Monday, May 18, 2009

Barbie: Chained Heat

WHEN: May 2009
WHERE: Chicago, IL
PHOTO: Becky, from Toronto

These gals aren't so much lost as homeless, and waiting, probably in vain, at the thrift for forever homes. They're also naked and strung up by their hair, which is about as undignified as it gets for a successful career gal like Barbie. I'm also admittedly gobsmacked by 1. the discovery that Barbie now comes with built-in permanent underpants, and 2. it's a thong.


barbara said...

al hoff, i found you! and so strange that i stumble upon this Barbie picture. sad yes, but their hair(s) look great! your old pal -- barbara of plotz!

Anonymous said...

Panties? I thought those were tan lines. And does one of the wayward Barbies have tramp stamp?

sweetie pie press said...

i think said tramp stamp might be a copyright of some sort.